XSF 16'' Bolt Plate Utility Tower Truss

XSF 16'' Bolt Plate Utility Tower Truss

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16” Bolt Plate Utility Tower Truss comes in standard lengths of 2', 4', 5′, 8′, and 10′ with custom lengths available upon request.

The aluminum chords are 2″ OD x 1/8″ thick with 1″ OD x 1/8″ thick aluminum diagonals in 3 sides and 2” OD x 1/8” thick horizontals evenly spaced in the fourth face.  The trusses are joined together with 5/8″ steel bolts.  Optional upgrade to 2” OD x 3/16” thick chords is available upon request.

Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA.
Powder Coating available upon request in most colors.
Anodizing available upon request in select colors.


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